When I was a young boy there were goats on many of the Islands around Lake Sinclair.  Not sure if they were put there by man or if they swam to islands themselves. They disappeared for a while but have now returned to the one island that is actually named Goat Island.

The word is that someone placed them there sometime in 2013.  Even if you don’t see them you knew they were there.  Goats tend to eat much of the vegetation from the ground to as high as they can reach.  The soil has been rutted up and there are clear signs that something is roaming the island. 

Back a couple of weeks ago I took a boat ride with my girlfriend’s family and we ended up in the area of the lake the island is located.  We had packed a picnic lunch and I mentioned there were some beaches on the island that would be perfect for us to eat at.  We stopped the boat and ate our lunch but never saw the goats.  My girlfriend’s son ran to the top of the island but didn’t see anything.  We decided to drive around to see if we could spot the goats.  When we were about ¾ of the way around the island a pontoon boat with 4 fisherman approached us and one of them made a goat sound.  I figured they were looking for the goats too but all of the sudden you heard the same sound but it was coming from the island.  That is when we spotted them.

The goats appear to be a family.  There was a male, female and little baby goat.  We pulled up to the water’s edge and threw some bread to them.  Apparently we weren’t the first to do this because they came right down to us and weren’t scared one bit.  The baby goat is so cute and kept its distance and eventually lay down while mom and pop had some fun.

The 2 goats were looking at us for more food and we threw some additional bread to them.  A large piece ended up in the water and we pulled close to the shore to grab it when one of the goats jumped on the boat with us.  I was on the front deck of the pontoon and wanted all our food.  It never got aggressive but sure did have some nerve to do that. 

We beached the boat to get the goat off and the other one jumped on.  We had both on the boat and neither was in a hurry to get off.  It was a struggle to get them off.  They kept jumping on and off the boat.  Eventually we got them both off and pulled away in a hurry. 

Go by and check on the goats.  Bring a large loaf of bread but be sure not to get to close.  

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